To Open A Business Is Easy... To Keep It Open Is Another Story... That's What This Program Is All About...

The Business 2100 Management Program:

Consists of Five Self-Study Tutorials and One Hundred Check Points covering almost everything you ever wanted to know about small business management.

Includes a fully revised, expanded and updated text of Maximum Performance: The Dow Jones-Irwin Complete Guide To Practical Business Management, published by Dow Jones-Irwin, currently the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

The Business 2100 Management Program Will:

Provide you with unique business management methodology designed to assist you to succeed in business.

Offer you practical, detailed, and easy-to-use business management information at your fingertips.

Help you to quickly improve your management skills to secure your company's successful performance.

Enable you to manage and control your company more effectively and to improve the productivity of your employees.

Allow you to educate your managers about various areas of business management in the shortest period of time.

Guide you toward improved profitability of your business in the most cost-effective manner.

Save you time in downloading this user-friendly and comprehensive source of business management information.

About This Program:

Designed specifically for entrepreneurs and small business owners, professional managers, CPAs, management consultants, and MBA students.

Provides quick access and straight-to-the point guidelines related to various aspects of small business management.

Contains over 1,500 pages of practical business management information, hundreds of small business examples, worksheets, and other productivity tools.

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Business Management Club:

Has one mission - to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners to succeed in business.

Represents a growing network of highly skilled experts, specializing in various areas of small business management.

Provides a wide range of cost-effective services to small business owners.

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